Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday 24/5/11

Hello, so this is my first post and really I made this blog just because sometimes I need a rant or I just feel like writing and not stopping.

At the moment I am listening to Sigur Ros, ahh beautiful music hahaha. Just baked a cake about 2 hours ago for my history project and I had to make it out of rations, I feel sorry for the people who lived through the war my cake is minging! I really hope the rest of the week is sunny because I just feel so much happier when the sun is out and if it rains for too long I'm going to end up depressed!

My brother and some of my friends in the year above have exams at the moment and it sounds very very stressful, I hope it's not as bad as it sounds :S

Debating weather to get a job or not because I want to earn my own money so It's mine and I feel proud to spend it, if you get me? The only problem is I am starting cycling and will be training/racing at the weekends and I always seem to be busy on Saturdays so I don't know where would have flexible shifts?? Oh well, I guess it is something I will have to figure out, In a bit! <3

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