Sunday, 19 June 2011

HAPPY FATHERS DAY.. even though most of you on here probably aren't fathers

Today has been boring really, but more exciting than the usual Sunday I suppose.
This morning I watched my mum do the race for life and she got 37 minutes which she was pleased about, although I got quite bored just sat in the car.

Um as it is fathers day I should be seeing my dad this evening but it's almost 6pm now so its getting a bit late..
But anyway I got him the dvd 'PAUL' because he wanted to take me and my brother to see it at the cinema, so hopefully he will like it.

This is me today, drinking tea, which I do most of the time:)))

Anyway I am pretty new to this, so Ife just had to sort my design out for me, which she did really well I love it! I would like to say thankyou once again to her, her blog is: so if you're not already following her, go have a look at her blog because it is wonderful! xx

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