Monday, 20 June 2011

Okay hello! So I am aiming to post something everyday for the next month or so, starting from today. So I Will finish on the 20th of July, which is the day I break up for Summer! I am really looking forward to having 6 weeks of free time, but I Can't believe this year has gone so quick.

I'm meant to be in the shower right now but I just remembered about this!

Today was pretty much average. Umm I got my fringe cut in on Friday after school so no-one had seen it until this morning. My friends said it was nice and stuff and then a few girls were like'oh your hair is nice' which I didn't know weather to believe or not! The reason for this is recently a girl with dark brown hair dyed her hair yellow (no not blonde it looks like custard) and everyone was like 'your hair is nice' and then as soon as she walked off they would be saying how awful her hair looked. So that is why I never know if people are being serious when they compliment me. Wow there are some bitches in this world!

After school I went to dads and went for a bike ride which was good, because I love the feeling after you've had a shower and relax, knowing you have exercised. Anyway I better go now seeing as I only had 6 hours sleep last night and I'm heading that way for tonight too, wow I'm shattered!
Goodnight xxx

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