Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Late post againnn

Ok so I have started writing this just as I was about to go to bed yet again. I have too many accounts on different things! I've completely given up on MSN!

So today: It was ok I suppose, although I was having a majorly bad hair day, literally my fringe was wavy and my hair was like a hedge. Not a good look at all.I was just looking to see if I could download 'blogger' onto my phone but it appears I can't.

I have a video uploading to my youtube now which is the start of a 30 vlogs in 30 days challenge I have set myself. The reason for this is because exactly 30 days from today it will be the 21st of July and I will have finished school for the summer, which I am really exited for!

First thing tomorrow I have double chemistry which I guess is ok because I am allowed to sit with my friends and they happen to like nicking too many materials and making big reactions happen 'by accident' so it is always fun as we end up burning stuff we're not meant too hhahaha.

Anyway I'm heading to sleep now because in maths today I fell asleep and the person next to me had to wake me up, yeah, not good. Goodnight xx

Oh have this- this is my clip top jar with candles inside it, I love it!

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