Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Late post againnn

Ok so I have started writing this just as I was about to go to bed yet again. I have too many accounts on different things! I've completely given up on MSN!

So today: It was ok I suppose, although I was having a majorly bad hair day, literally my fringe was wavy and my hair was like a hedge. Not a good look at all.I was just looking to see if I could download 'blogger' onto my phone but it appears I can't.

I have a video uploading to my youtube now which is the start of a 30 vlogs in 30 days challenge I have set myself. The reason for this is because exactly 30 days from today it will be the 21st of July and I will have finished school for the summer, which I am really exited for!

First thing tomorrow I have double chemistry which I guess is ok because I am allowed to sit with my friends and they happen to like nicking too many materials and making big reactions happen 'by accident' so it is always fun as we end up burning stuff we're not meant too hhahaha.

Anyway I'm heading to sleep now because in maths today I fell asleep and the person next to me had to wake me up, yeah, not good. Goodnight xx

Oh have this- this is my clip top jar with candles inside it, I love it!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Okay hello! So I am aiming to post something everyday for the next month or so, starting from today. So I Will finish on the 20th of July, which is the day I break up for Summer! I am really looking forward to having 6 weeks of free time, but I Can't believe this year has gone so quick.

I'm meant to be in the shower right now but I just remembered about this!

Today was pretty much average. Umm I got my fringe cut in on Friday after school so no-one had seen it until this morning. My friends said it was nice and stuff and then a few girls were like'oh your hair is nice' which I didn't know weather to believe or not! The reason for this is recently a girl with dark brown hair dyed her hair yellow (no not blonde it looks like custard) and everyone was like 'your hair is nice' and then as soon as she walked off they would be saying how awful her hair looked. So that is why I never know if people are being serious when they compliment me. Wow there are some bitches in this world!

After school I went to dads and went for a bike ride which was good, because I love the feeling after you've had a shower and relax, knowing you have exercised. Anyway I better go now seeing as I only had 6 hours sleep last night and I'm heading that way for tonight too, wow I'm shattered!
Goodnight xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

HAPPY FATHERS DAY.. even though most of you on here probably aren't fathers

Today has been boring really, but more exciting than the usual Sunday I suppose.
This morning I watched my mum do the race for life and she got 37 minutes which she was pleased about, although I got quite bored just sat in the car.

Um as it is fathers day I should be seeing my dad this evening but it's almost 6pm now so its getting a bit late..
But anyway I got him the dvd 'PAUL' because he wanted to take me and my brother to see it at the cinema, so hopefully he will like it.

This is me today, drinking tea, which I do most of the time:)))

Anyway I am pretty new to this, so Ife just had to sort my design out for me, which she did really well I love it! I would like to say thankyou once again to her, her blog is: http://livinginwonderlandx.blogspot.com/ so if you're not already following her, go have a look at her blog because it is wonderful! xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday 24/5/11

Hello, so this is my first post and really I made this blog just because sometimes I need a rant or I just feel like writing and not stopping.

At the moment I am listening to Sigur Ros, ahh beautiful music hahaha. Just baked a cake about 2 hours ago for my history project and I had to make it out of rations, I feel sorry for the people who lived through the war my cake is minging! I really hope the rest of the week is sunny because I just feel so much happier when the sun is out and if it rains for too long I'm going to end up depressed!

My brother and some of my friends in the year above have exams at the moment and it sounds very very stressful, I hope it's not as bad as it sounds :S

Debating weather to get a job or not because I want to earn my own money so It's mine and I feel proud to spend it, if you get me? The only problem is I am starting cycling and will be training/racing at the weekends and I always seem to be busy on Saturdays so I don't know where would have flexible shifts?? Oh well, I guess it is something I will have to figure out, In a bit! <3